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Friday, March 09, 2007

Stand Tall

Well its milestone mania around here! Just last week it was crawling everywhere and now this week its standing up on everything. I walked into Wyatts room to see the little stink standing in his crib. He now pulls up on all the furniture and just hates to "sit". The funny thing is that he stiffs his little legs when you try to sit him on the floor. I guess he would much rather walk. So at 8 months, Wyatt can't be left alone for one second...he is in to EVERYTHING! A very curious little george. Meanwhile, those top teeth are finally poking through and someone loves cookies! Wyatts menu is growing by the day to include black beans, rice, avocado, yogurt, mamas smoothie, quinoa, even a little taste of fudgesicle!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Don't Stop

Small, Medium and Large

Well all the little cousins finally got to play! What a fun adventure for Wyatt to travel up to Canada on a big airplane with mama. We got to meet baby B for the first time (thats Boston) and of course see Noah too who is growing into quite the little boy...a very helpful big brother and the oldest cousin. So small, medium and large all got to meet and play. At 4 months, 7 1/2 months and 17 1/2 months, its easy to see how these three will make up quite the little handful one day. The different stages that each represents is so fun and it is amazing that even though they are all reaching different milestones now, as time continues the gap between them will be smaller and smalller. Soon we will have 3 rascals running around, chasing each other! The rest of the trip to Canada was a perfect sucess. My friend Kali and I planned the perfect surprise to say goodbye to our Germany bound amigo, Kimmy. She was completely shocked to see little 'ol me turn up at her going away party. The whirlwind weekend in Canada was over before we could even say "eh", and now we find ourselves back in Oklahoma trying to settle in again before another trip...California here we come!