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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

The holidays are a time of family, celebration and love. This year was particularly special because it was Wyatt's first Christmas! The much anticipated awe and wonder of our little babe came to a crashing halt when he seemed to be more interested in the people around him then the bows and ribbons artistically wrapped around gifts galore. The planning and preparation that went into picking out Wyatt's first Christmas tree, decorating it with baby's first Christmas decorations, ensuring Wyatt's Santa hat was snug on his head and little cookies baked in the oven for dad, was more exciting for me I am afraid. I wanted everything to be just perfect for Wyatt's First Christmas, and truly it was, although he will not rememeber and did not care. I think Wyatt has it right in figuring out what this season is about and it is really a time to reflect and remember the birth of Jesus, taking interest in the people around you. A weekend with my mom and the girls in Texas and a week in Montana with the Peila clan was well spent and will be marked as a joyous first Christmas for all those who could attend. We are looking forward to what next year will bring and can't wait for all the New Year has to offer.

Friday, June 23, 2006

When shall you come little bebe Wyatt?

38 1/2 weeks. 2cm dilated. Just wondering when this little baby will arrive into our lives?? I am excited for this new life and am ready for all of the changes he will bring. I feel like he might come this weekend, but I guess there is no way of knowing for sure. I am due July 4th, 2006...when will your birthday be Wyatt? It seems as though I have been waiting forever for this journey to begin...but I guess the preperation is just as important as the journey itself.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Meet my family

At the request of is my growing family.

The Whole Crew

Me, Cathi, Gina, Kim

Joe, Zach and Tom

Matt, Zach, Lucas, Max

My side...minus a few