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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Party!

I have been meaning to update with pictures of Wyatts Birthday Party! We had so much fun in the backyard!
The Spread

The Kids

The Birthday Boy

The Gifts

The Cake

Thats a start...if I get motivated I will load some more!

Monday, July 28, 2008


Thats what I have been doing to myself. It all started with Wyatts Birthday party...2 weeks ago. A burger here a beer there, cheetos once and then chips and salsa the next day and then a bagel for breakfast and leftover mac and cheese for lunch. One unhealthy choice leads to one more. Each day I am determined to make better choices then I did the last day and then somehow my determination falls out the window. SO that brings me to today (by the way, I won't be wearing my skinny jeans to the John Mayer concert in 4 days). But today I can make healthy choices all day. I AM determined. SO its 8:45 am and here are my goals for the day. 1. GO TO THE GYM 2. HAVE A SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST 3. HAVE A SALAD FOR LUNCH 4. FOLD AND PUT AWAY MY LAUNDRY and 5. TIDY UP THE HOUSE...okay so maybe now that I've yelled at myself, I will stick to this! No more sabatoge. I want my next post to be a good report.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whats in your cart?

Wow. What a difference it can make to have the "right" foods on hand. I'll be honest, these last 2 weeks have been tough. A cheat here, a cheat there. Its like I didn't have all the right foods and then found myself eating completely off my plan! Nuggets and fries, mac and cheese, stuff that I don't really care about but just were easy to make. When I take the time to budget and plan for the right groceries, I eat so much better. But thats just it....budget and plan. Grocery shopping is where success starts. If I have cheetos...I eat them. I went to the store today, but I really want to go to Sprouts tommorrow for the double ad day. So I got a few things to help with my success for the day and after tommorrow I will be ready to tackle the next 14 days. My goal is to be 150 by August 1st (yes I have modified this a bit). I hit the gym today and ran 2 miles on the treadmill and did my upper body weights. So here is to getting back on track and acknowledging how easy it is to get off...even with the best intentions!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Choo choo....guess who's 2??

My little baby turned 2 on July 9th!! Mama and Dada bought him a Roadster Tricycle and he looks pretty cool with his new wheels. Grandma Cathi and Papa Joe sent some wooden train tracks that Wyatt LOVES along with some other gifts, but the train tracks are the definate hit. Auntie Kiki sent a Thomas the Train laptop and Wyatt thinks he is such a big boy with it. We are having his party tomorrow, so I am sure he will be getting some more cool new toys!! In the meantime here are some recent photos of my little punk.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Happy Birthday

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wanna win some cloth diapers?

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Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy 4th of July! As an American import...I am still getting used to doing my celebrating on the 4th instead of the 1st! A little shout out to Canada! Okay, so for the month of July, I have decided to stick to a no sugar, no dairy, no wheat diet. I do feel much better when I am eating this way and there are really only a few things from each category that I miss.
1. Fage yogurt.
2. Cheese strings were such an easy snack
3. A turkey sandwich.

So I am finding new foods to love and good snacks that are just as easy and completely satisfying. Yesterday I was at Costco and there was a promotional stand for Wonderbar Energy Bars and they are awesome! Gluten Free, HFC free, basically these bars are just the pure raw ingredients of nuts and fruit and they use raw honey to hold them together! So I am excited about these. They were a little pricey but work out to about $1.25/bar. They are a great meal replacement or after the gym snack.

So on to a little confession. I am not a purist on this plan. I am still allowing myself wine. I figure I can't be too extreme or I'll just set myself up for failure, you know? Secondly, I am back on caffeine. Even though I feel better and have more energy when I don't drink it, I just love that morning The small changes I have made, using rice milk in my coffee instead of skim. Ordering a half caff/half decaf when I have my afternoon starbucks craving. Just drinking water instead of pop or juice or even ice tea.

So now for the update on weight. I just weighed myself and the scale says 153.5. Yah! Progress. As soon as I get down to 147 I am buying myself a new pair of seven jeans! Thats 6 1/2 pounds away and hopefully I can get there by August 1st so I can buy those jeans before the John Mayer concert!! Haa haa. And one more update, when I was buying those bars yesterday, the guy said, "well you look like an athlete, you will really like these" athlete! My muscles are starting to show...hooray!