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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cast Free & Fancy Free

Well now that I have a whole new lease on life due to the fact that my cast has finally finally come off....its time to start recording a few more stops on this journey. Its been pretty busy around here this month. Okay wow I just realized its the last day of April (for some reason its more around the 15th in my mind). Anyway, we just had a nice visit from our Canadian friend Miss. Jamie. It was very busy with shopping and sight seeing all around Fort Worth. I think Wyatts favorite thing to do was chasing kitties through the Botanic Gardens. Oh and by "kitties" he means squirrels.

We are also discovering all of the things that make you a true Texan. It is very popular in these parts to take your child or children to fields of bluebonnets (which happen to be the state flower) and take many photos of them looking happy and frolicking through the flowers. So, in attempt to fit in, I took little Wyatt to do such a thing. There were however a few problem that we encountered. One: bluebonnets are mostly located along extremely busy freeways. Two: there are fire ant piles in the bluebonnets (ouch). Three: Not all children like bluebonnets.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Sunny Afternoons

We had such a nice weekend this last week...the calm before the storm as they say! However, today its a tornado watch of course (one reason to hate Texas). So in memory of that lovely weekend, I thought I would share how wonderful the weather CAN be here in April!! It was like a hot summer day in Calgary. Well, Wyatt had so much fun at the park, pushing his truck down the slide over and over. We were there all afternoon and he is just getting so big! He doesn't need mama to help him any more and he is making all sorts of friends all over the neighbourhood. Well just wanted to share our pictures from this fun day. We are stuck inside today...waiting out the weather and watching Bee Movie for the 39th time.