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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cheerios, Cries and Convictions

One night with a crying baby that doesn't seem like such a baby anymore can really test a person's patience. A personal conviction that I have is to respond to my baby's cry. So last night Wyatt cried every hour on the hour, all night long! Back when I was pregnant I read a really interesting article published by the Harvard University that really resonated with me. The summary of that article is best described as this, "Parents should recognize that having their babies cry unnecessarily harms the baby permanently," .... "It changes the nervous system so they're overly sensitive to future trauma." So with that said, I do not want to let my baby cry unnecessarily...which brings me to ask, What is necessary? At what point do you let a baby cry? At 7 months old, waking every hour seems a little excessive. Not that this is a regular occurence, but one night of this can really turn your world upside down! As a parent, there are so many great resources out there that can educate anyone willing to take the time on the in's and outs of parenting. Along with all those resources, comes some major contrasts in opinions and theories on what is right and what is wrong. It can be seriously overwhelming to make decisions that you feel reflect who you are as a person and what you feel is best for your child. So often I question my decisions, but that is where conviction comes in and truly, I guess at this point I am just not capaple of letting my baby cry and not running to his side, picking him up and cuddling him. At this point I would rather be up all night rocking him, then up all night listening to him cry. So another day begins with a handful of cheerios.

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