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Saturday, February 10, 2007


We found it! We found a food that Wyatt loves! Nectarines are it..I have never seen him devour something like that. I cut a little quarter slice and left the peel on and everything. The little smarty ate the whole thing but not the peel! He loved loved loved it. Hooray for nectarines. So at 7 months old, my baby eats nectarines, crawls, sits up on his own and does the sign language for milkie. Just yesterday I went through all his clothes and packed up two bins of baby clothes. He is less and less of a baby everyday...while it is so exciting to hit each milestone, it is a little sad to put the lid on his teeny nighties and sleepers and onesies. I can't believe all that he has grown out of...and I can't believe all that he is growing in to!

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