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Monday, April 02, 2007

Hopity Hop

The easter bunny has come a little early this year! My little bun bun wanted to show off his ears. Well of course I couldn't resist these little ears...probobly better suited for a Ruby than a Wyatt...but it is Wyatt's first easter after all. Well we are all really looking forward to easter this year even though Zach already ate all the candy. We are having a BIG party for Zach's 30th Birthday on Saturday night and all his sisters are going to be here. My mom and the girls are going to come up from Texas too, so we will have a full house!!
And speaking of houses, we bought one! Yep our first Okie la homa. Thats oklahomian for home. Well its a little fixer upper just down the street with a much bigger yard for little bunnies to hop around in! We are looking forward to being in a bigger place and of course our first home! Woohoo, I can paint!! Happy Easter!

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