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Monday, April 23, 2007

Idealism is for idealists

Okay. So Wyatt is 9 and a half months old. We have a problem. He still sleeps in our bed and he still wakes up between every 2-3 hours. So yah. Sometimes you have to re-evaluate. Sometimes you try things and they don't work. Sometimes you have all these hopes of how good your baby will be and how you will never do anything that could cause him "harm". Well after 9 months of sleep deprivation in this house...actually lets be honest, I didn't sleep when I was pregnanat either...Okay, so after 18 months of sleep deprivation, sometimes your ideas have to change. So we did it, we let little Wyatt cry. I think listening to your little baby cry, no wait scream, is one of the hardest, most heartbreaking thing to do. 45 minutes. Then he slept. Not through the night like we hoped. For one hour! So digress...he was back in our bed. Next night....20 minutes of crying. Slept for 2 hours. Next night 2 minutes of crying. Slept for 2 hours. But then last night, 1 hour of crying, 1 hour of sleep. I can't say this is really working. I am giving it 2 weeks to take "effect". We are desperate. Desperate for sleep, desperate for our baby to sleep. Desperate to have our bed back and not worry that Wyatt is doing to dive off it in the middle of the night. I will say that beyond the immediate sadness of letting him cry. When he is awake, he does seem to still love me and trust me, which is one of my biggest fears of letting him cry. When he wakes up, I am there for him, there to cuddle and play. I just hope this works...

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