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Monday, August 13, 2007

13 months going on....14 months

Well its true...Wyatt is every bit of a one year old as well, a one year old. He is quietly mastering the skill of walking, on his own little agenda. At 13 months, his modes of transportation include a solid mix between crawling, walking, shopping carts and of course his stuffed wooden horse. This age is actually pretty adorable as Wyatt has turned into quite the copy cat....blowing kisses, waving bye bye, going ooh ooh, mama, dada, nah, yah, and more recently nooooo (when I tried to take his rake away at the beach). He gives hugs and pats mamas back, he loves to play "I.m gonna get you" with dada. In fact when Wyatt hears the front door, he sits up where ever he is and says DADA, and then crawls laughing to the front door and then crawls away as fast as he can looking behind him (with those come get me eyes). In more fantastic news, Wyatt gave us his own 13 month birthday present...sleeping through the NIGHT! In his own crib! Yes its amazing....for me and him! Sleep has never felt so wonderful. We put him in his crib for naps and nigh nigh with his little Ellie-poo and voila, he goes to sleep! He is still nursing and probobly plans to for a while, he loves mac and cheese, blueberries, picking the cheese out of a grilled chesses sandwhich and anything that mama or dada is eating. He loves the water, the beach, the grass, his toys, the computer (its hard to type with a monkey at your feet). So with that, adios. Watch the video, be patient and he will walk.

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