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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

semi-annual blog post

Well it seems that I have a rather difficult time keeping this thing current!! For those of you that try to follow our life, we have moved again...yes again. So now we are settled into Fort Worth, Texas in a cute little house only 5 minutes to downtown! Hooray. I also have a broken wrist, the result of an unfourtunate car accident just before Christmas. Needless to say, my left hand is becoming extremely over used! Wyatt is turning out to be quite the toddler indeed. At 19 months he seems to be talking alot! Maybe since I am home with him all day it seems that we carry on decent conversations....his words include: piggy toes, hair, eyes, cheeks, teeth, mouth (um yes we are learning body parts), thank you, no, mine (thanks to Noah! ha ha ha), nigh nigh, sou sou (his soother), money (monkey), ellie, blankie, choo choo, show, boots, sockies....well you get the idea, he talks. Anyway, other than that I guess its difficult to catch up on everything since August. Motherhood is good, and no, we are not ready for another one!....yet. :)

1 comment:

Dawn Endres said...

Congrats on the new house.

Sorry about your wrist.

Wow! That's quite a vocaulary!