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Monday, July 28, 2008


Thats what I have been doing to myself. It all started with Wyatts Birthday party...2 weeks ago. A burger here a beer there, cheetos once and then chips and salsa the next day and then a bagel for breakfast and leftover mac and cheese for lunch. One unhealthy choice leads to one more. Each day I am determined to make better choices then I did the last day and then somehow my determination falls out the window. SO that brings me to today (by the way, I won't be wearing my skinny jeans to the John Mayer concert in 4 days). But today I can make healthy choices all day. I AM determined. SO its 8:45 am and here are my goals for the day. 1. GO TO THE GYM 2. HAVE A SMOOTHIE FOR BREAKFAST 3. HAVE A SALAD FOR LUNCH 4. FOLD AND PUT AWAY MY LAUNDRY and 5. TIDY UP THE HOUSE...okay so maybe now that I've yelled at myself, I will stick to this! No more sabatoge. I want my next post to be a good report.

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