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Friday, April 16, 2010

Introduction to Wyattisms

A three year old can say some pretty hilarious if not amusing things. I was keeping a log of all the little "Wyattisms" in a word document and then sadly the computer which housed said document was stolen...SO in order to avoid another catostrophic loss of valuable history, I am going to document these phrases here. The blog that keeps on giving...when you least expect.

Just yesterday on our way home from school, Wyatt says, "Mawm- sometimes you are a bery (sic) good mawm..." I respond, "Awww...thanks Buddy!" Wyatt, "and sometimes your not a bery good mawm"


As I dig a little deeper into the statement that can only be described as any mothers worst fear--I come to discover the following: I am a good mom when I put good things in his lunch and not a very good mom when I don't put the the best things in his lunch. He went on to tell me that sometimes other mawms are the best, and sometimes I am the best.

I guess I'll have to carefully consider what goes into his lunch box next week.


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