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Monday, April 19, 2010

30 days of change

I have just been unhappy with some things lately. Feeling unrested, unhealthy and unmotivated. Hoping to change those feelings with a 30 plan. 1. Run every day (even if its a mile). 2. No alcohol (yep--30 days and no wine for me). 3. Drink Green Tea every day. 4. Take my vitamins Every day (a huge challenge for me). and 5. Organic/Whole Food Challenge (see where I can incorporate more whole foods and less pre-packaged).
In addition...making a commitment to not shop at Target for 30 days.I am hoping for other side effects as well (I will journal, pray and meditate more)...Just be more content with me.

I am not someone who can just choose to be healthier. I need a plan. I need an outlined plan. So today is day one and so far I got up at 5:30---had my coffee (need to insert prayer, meditation in there soon). Laced up my shoes and out the door at 6:15 and proceeded to run 2 miles. Its a start. Its not training for a half marathon, its not running 6 miles, its 2 miles an attainable, realistic run that I could reasonable do everymorning. Right now 2 miles takes me about 25 minutes, so I plan to either add mileage or speed up my pace. Ideally I would like a 40 minute run each morning.

I took all of my products/vitamins this morning and have been drinking a ton of water. I had a protein shake for breakfast and plan to have a chargrilled chicken salad )chik fil a) for lunch (I'll do my green tea this afternoon). Its just time to slow down, focus and get healthy. I have alot of things going on this year and have hopes of making some other changes. But for now, this is where I am starting.

The reason for not going to Target is we have started a new family budget and for me...Target is a budget buster. If I go in fo groceries, I come out with two new shirts for me, a new dish for the kitchen, a toy for Wyatt and about 15 other items that I would have never bought had I just gone to Sprouts or Kroger. So, its just a commitment that for 30 days I wont go there. Anyway...I feel good. I feel excited for the changes that will occur over the next 30 days. Anyone want to join me on my journey? What are 5 small changes you could make for 30 days?



Scribing said...

looks like the makings of a memorable 30 days. cheering you on.

(like the look of the blog!)

Kristin said...

Thanks! Just trying some new things...with my self taught html, blog design skills. And day 3 I'm feeling good about my changes.