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Saturday, May 29, 2010

So you want to eat clean?

Well it looks like I have inspired a person or three to eat clean or at least start introducing more clean whole foods into their diet. As a resident expert on eating clean (after all---I've been at this 40+ days!...) here are a few tips for getting started.
  1. If you can afford it---go buy Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Recharged Book
  2. Buy her cookbook next
  3. If you cant buy that right now, start here--Buy yourseld a big water bottle! A cute one that will inspire you to keep drinking from it all day long.
  4. Make a commitment, I think 30 days is great. Its one month. No fast food. No soda. No sugar (you can do it) and that does not mean fruit. You can still eat fruit.
  5. Throw out the oreo cookies and chips in your cupboard.
  6. Be prepared to eat more of the same meals, variety can come later. Its time to just train yourself to eat clean and I think its less over whelming if you just have a few core recipes that are easy and you like.
  7. Go get some quality protein powder. This really helps in getting in that protein/complex carb combination that you will need at EVERY meal and snack.
  8. Don't be scared of the bulk food section
  9. Dont drink alcohol. If you must...seriously alternate water and alcohol and try and stick to one night a week. I used to drink wine every night. If I can do can.  This will help you to sleep better, get up earlier and make better food choices.
Kitchen supplies that really make this easier:
  • Minature crock pot (less then $10 at walmart)
  • Grinder ($9-$15)
  • Blender
  • Blender Ball (its a shaker with a wire ball in it---makes protein powder and water a lot easier to mix when you are in a hurry)
  • Apple Slicer/corer (I eat a lot of apples and peanut butter and this way I can slice my apple in 5 seconds) NOW--you are ready to begin.  Its time to go to the grocery store. I like Costco and Sprouts and Kroger and Market Street.  Of course I love Central Market and Whole Foods...but we are on a budget. 

  • I hope you like eggs. You'll be eating them a lot. Buy 24 eggs (preferably organic) and lots of egg whites. Make sure these arent egg beaters. You can buy 100% egg whites in the refrigerator section.
  • In the bulk section--steel cut oats, flax seeds--to grind before use (this maintains the flax power), Millet, brown rice, cinnamon).  This is going to be your breakfast most days with protein powder and water. I'll post the recipe later
  • Chicken Breast
  • Tilapia or Salmom. Wild caught. I buy the individually frozen ones at costco.
Okay will update more later....


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andi said...

Amazing! thanks so much Kris!