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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I'm not even hungry!

Have you ever read the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar? You know he eats and eats through everything....sometimes I can relate to that little guy. Well alot of the time I can relate to that little guy. I can have this never ending appetite. Honestly, its probobly nut hunger but boredom eating, emotional eating, social eating or some kind of other mindless eating. This mindless eating is what got me into this mess in the first place. But something strange is happening, as I am mindful of what is going into my body and focusing on what I am eating and planning healthy meals, I am not that hungry. I am completely surprised that I have no urge to devour anything right now! Apart from the nap I needed again this afternoon, I think this is a pretty good day.

First off, I stayed at my moms last night and discovered the most amazing treat. Frozen fruit blended in the Vitamix with a dash of raw coconut oil and water. It was better then gelato and so satisfying....mmmm. I had raspberries, mango and strawberries last night and mango, pineapple this morning. I really want a Vitamix now....along with a bike and new digital camera a vw jetta wagen and a pair of jeans that fit but happen to be 2 sizes smaller than I currently am. Is that too much to ask?

On to the rest of my day. I have taken a liking to peppermint tea (well I have always liked it-I have just started drinking it again). I had tuna salad again for lunch. I know I am not being uber-creative here....but I am just getting into this whole cleanse thing. Speaking of the cleansing process, honestly I have not experienced any of the "bad" do we say diarrhea politely? Yah. This is really nothing to be scared of. Honestly I imagined a cleanse would have me doubled over and upside down on the toilet for 2 weeks....everything is all pretty normal. But enough about that.

Dinner. Pomegranate Tea from Barnes and Noble... Yummmmmy-and half a bag of pumpkin seeds. A part of me really wishes I was back at my moms mixing up a berry vitamix concoction and I am tempted to try it in my cheapo blender but I have a feeling it might not be the same. Honestly I know I should eat a proper dinner but its 9:30 and I just got home from my first sewing class (yes sewing) and I am not even hungry! Hence the title of the post. This is a real shocker for me... so maybe this cleanse is shrinking my stomach (the part I can't see-wink wink). Hopefully by the end of it, the stomach I can see will be much smaller! I am slightly horrified and pretty much look about 5 months pregnant right now....but I digress.

I will focus on the positive and the positive is I am cleansing and finally getting on the bandwagon of health and fitness. I saw a magnet at Barnes and Noble today and for some reason it just resonated with me today.

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it turned into a butterfly." ~unknown

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