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Friday, June 20, 2008

Sick day

So yesterday was the hardest day I have had yet. Let me go back to where it all probobly started. So on Wednesday I was feeling down because I dragged my butt at the gym (see previous post) so I did go to that Fusion class and worked my tail off. Probobly too hard because later that night I was laying in bed with a swollen left knee and frozen green beans to ease the pain. Fast forward to thursday morning, Wyatts first day of "school" and I have a whole day to myself. What do I do? Lay around feeling like crapola and read and have a nap. I was increasingly more and more tired as the day went on. But I figured I was just being lazy. My neck starts feeling achy and I was feeling so lethargic but I thought a good yoga class would cure me of that. I usually find that when I am being lazy, if I just get to the gym or my class I feel great once I get going. Let me tell you this was not the case. My stomach was in knots and I thought my downward dog was going to become a dead dog. Halfway through the class I ended up just having to roll up my mat and go home. I should have listened to my body and stayed home in the first place, but I just didn't want to accept that I needed a day off. As each limb got weaker and weaker and my stomach felt worse and worse, I realized that I had no energy to cook dinner so to Wendy's I went and got Wyatt a nugggies and oranges kids meal and me a side salad and ....baked potato with sour cream and butter....I am ashamed about that. But I just wanted some real sour cream. Then I got home and proceeded to eat half of a container (the small one though) of mint carob rice dream ice cream. Which fortunately has been in the freezer for weeks as my husband won't toouch the stuff. So that was my night. I had a hot epsom salt bath with towels around my neck and then snuggled into bed with my book Kabul Beauty School. My lesson learned from all of this is Listen to you Body!

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