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Sunday, June 22, 2008

A new day on the horizon

Isn't it fantastic that with every sunset we can look forward to a sunrise? I have to confess, I haven't exactly been healthy this weekend. It all started friday night with a family dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Who can resist that delicious brown bread with butter? I did get the Luau salad (but ate the whole thing) which lets face it is probobly the size of salad I would make for a dinner party. But moving on to dessert...yah thats right I had dessert. Gourmet java icecream (but a small scoop)...see my "better" choices? Saturday. A new day. Well that was until we went to a birthday party and Wyatt wouldn't eat his cake...lucky thing he had a hungry mama to take care of that problem. So Sunday....what a beautiful day. Until we ordered fried zucchinni sticks at Red Robins. Well at least it was zucchinni right? Again I had salad, but then we went to the lake and guess what they sell? Dippin dots. Have you ever had those? Well I have now! Good, but not amazing. Icecream is better. SO one more confession...we watched The Other Boleyn Girl tonight and I had some serious sugar cravings, which upon reflection makes sense since I was stuffing my face with it all weekend...I had some carob almond rice dream icecream. But honestly, that fulfilled my final craving for the week. Thank goodness for Mondays and new days and new weeks. So I am ready to get back on track.

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Beth said...

It's ok! Dust off your feet, and leave the dust on Sunday. It's Monday and you can do it this week! Weekends are so so hard to stick with it! Take it from one who knows!! Keep going. You are doing great!