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Friday, June 06, 2008

On the road again

I tend to be on the road a fair amount. Whether its the 40 minute drive to my moms house or the 4 hour drive to Oklahoma. We live in Texas but have a rental house up there in Okie land. So, yesterday we had to make the 4 hour journey up there and the 4 hour journey back. I tried to plan ahead and brought a cooler with apples, trail mix, and water. But inevitably, we are stopping to eat. So. This is where my complaint comes. Why can't you get what you ask for? Its hard enough to make the right choice as it is. Obviously a bacon cheeseburger sounds better then a garden salad (well actually right now it doesn't). But my point being to order a salad with grilled chicken, no crutons, no hard is it? So guess what, my salad comes with cheese. Now of course I already felt like I was being the pain of the table so I ate it...trying to avoid the cheese. But what if I had an allergy? I actually didn't notice the cheese until a few bites in. Its really hard to stick to your plan when you are eating out and on the road, even with the best of intentions.

Then comes dinner. After a long day of tying up loose ends, running errands and keeping Wyatt busy while Zach mowed the lawn....I am tired and could easily order a taco or be tempted to say, lets just go out for Mexican...but I don't. Arby's on the road because Wyatt is asleep in the car. I order the chef salad-with grilled chicken, no cheese, no crutons. What do I get? Breaded chicken! Again. I didn't do anything about it. I ate it. But I was so disappointed. I try and take the necessary steps to ask and order what I can have and somehow it never comes out right. Even Wyatts meal was wrong, chicken tenders with a fruit bowl instead of fries. What does he get? No fruit. Lots of fries. Are people so automatically trained to put the unhealthy option in the bag that even when we order healthy choices, we still get the unhealthy? I know people make mistakes sometimes. But 2 strikes....I am out.

The only way to ensure you are putting the right thing in your body is eating it home and making it yourself.

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