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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not always easy

I am just dragging my butt today. It took me over an hour and half this morning to get to the gym and even once I was there I stood for over 5 minutes organizing my ipod, magazine, water and towel before I actually started moving on the eliptical. I did 20 minutes instead of I said....dragging. I completed my weights as usual but I am highly considering going back tonight for the 5:30 Fusion (yoga/pilates) class. A little punishment for my lazy attitude (ha ha ha). I should go but honestly I wish I could just lay around all day and sleep and read a book. I just had a 45 minute nap and still feel just tired. I guess I have a lot to do and its all swirling around in my mind and I think its making me tired. Would someone please label my sons clothes, finish sewing his nap mat, draw up a lease for our new tenants and put my laundry away?? I guess I am not going to feel great every day! Energy, energy where have you gone?

On the positive side of life, I went to yoga monday, did another session of week 4 Couch 2 5K on tuesday, went to sewing class last night and did still make it to the gym today. Wyatt starts his Mothers Day Out tommorrow and I will have 5 whole hours to myself! Hmmm, suddenly I feel a little more energized. Maybe all it takes is a shift into the positive instead of dwelling on the "I don't wannas".

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