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Monday, June 16, 2008

The Magic Number

I think every woman I know would like to lose about 10 pounds. I just did it. Now of course I would like to lose 10 more! After 2 weeks on the cleanse I am weighing in at 155. Now its time to lose the 10 hard pounds. These are pounds that I have been more or less carrying for the last 6 years (up here....down there). So this is it...the journey down to 145. I will admit I fell off the wagon on the weekend. Yesterday we celebrated Fathers Day and my mom's birthday and I had cake and icecream and whip cream. It wasn't even that good but I figured after 2 weeks of cleansing I could use a little treat. Even though I tried to eat it "guilt free" I had a hard time with that (I am still feeling guilty). I just wish I had a bowl of berries instead...oh well a lesson for the future. I would like to get down to 153 this week so I plan on sticking to my eating wheat, dairy or sugar. I did add back the coffee though and am using rice dream instead of milk. Quite honestly though, I feel more tired now that I am back drinking coffee....weird?

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